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EARS Client Testimonials

Below is a listing of client case studies, from those who have benefitted from EARS Berard AIT. Click on a name below, and see how the individual has grown!



"Since having Berard AIT five months ago, Isaiah has become more independent, wants to share things he thinks is funny, sings all the time, more speech- 5/6 word sentences, academics have gone from a kindergarten to a second grade level and progressing all the time, can work on his class work alone once he understands what it is his teacher wants him to do, will go shopping without a melt-down. To sum this and more, I’ll call it an “awakening” and I am loving it!!"



"We have tried several therapies with Xander, including chelation, HBOT, and supplementation. Berard AIT has, by far, been the most successful.

The most immediate change was eye contact. Xander will maintain eye contact when speaking. Over the last few months we’ve noticed more complete sentences, speech initiation, and less high-pitch speaking. Xander still has sound sensitivities, however, he’s better able to deal with them without having a meltdown. Xander’s handwriting is starting to improve as well.

Xander’s bus driver, who did not know he had this therapy commented, that he is much more engaged than last year."

"This video gives you a much better idea of the improvements Xander has made over the last year. The first clip is from a year ago and the second is from this last April. The changes are pretty drastic."





"Before Berard AIT Josh spoke only in perseverations and was Echolalic. He also had a strong aversion to sound- like Jets and Blenders. Within 3 days of Berard AIT he started speaking in actual sentences.

Exactly 1 month today, after finishing his first session of Berard AIT, he was playing with his hair (I missed a spot cutting it) and he said “Look mom, you missed a piece”. I said “I’m sorry baby, I’ll cut it”. He replied “No, I like it there” and ran back to play with his Leapster hand held video game.

This conversation could have never taken place prior to Berard AIT. He also never had enough attention span to play with his Leapster. However, 3 days into Berard AIT he picked it up and begun to master it. He now says to me “Look mom, I beat Level 3!”



"Our son Hayden has been engaged in various therapies for almost 3 years.
Despite his many improvements, one area of particular concern continued to
be his sensitivity to sounds...jets, fire drills, and hand-dryers all were
enough to cause a major meltdown.  We decided to try auditory integration
training even though we had to drive an 1 1/2 hours each way every day for
TWO WEEKS!  Within a week of finishing the therapy, we went to the movies
and Hayden did great! Not only did he enjoy the movie (normally the volume
would push him over the edge), but he used the hand-dryer in the

"Overall, his sensitivity to sound has continued to decrease and his ability
to adjust to certain sounds is much quicker.  He will verbalize his
feelings.  "Mommy are you done with that, yet?  Or "the fire drill is really
loud, but it will stop." His teacher recently reported that Hayden was the
line leader during a fire drill and led his class outside without
complaining or even covering his ears.  When they came back inside he
immediately resumed his work instead of perseverating by constantly talking
about the fire drill. His relationship with his younger sister continues to
grow. They actually play together and engage in pretend activities.  I'd say
that is Progress!"


Addtional testimonials:

"In September we started to notice some changes. He was more alert and making lots more sounds. That is when I heard "mom" for the first time. What a blessing. SInce then he has had a huge jump in words- he still needs to be prompted but who cares. I finally hear his voice… I truly believe the listening therapy had  a great deal to do with this."

"My son Justin, is a 15 year old student with a language processing disorder, OCD and Anxiety disorder. He has struggle most of his life with reading, writing and social weaknesses. In January of 2010, Justin finished his last session in AIT with Eve. Eve did a great job explaining what behaviors to look for in the following weeks. Within the first 30 days I noticed that Justin was more commutative, and needed less reminders to complete task. Within 60 days, his tutor, who has worked with Justin for 6 years, reported that she had never seen Justin so focused, confident in completing assignment, and social. She reported for the first time Justin was relaxed enough with her to initiate a casual conversation and showed a sense of humor. At home Justin has become independent in with home. He is more willing to participate in social activities. I have personal witnessed the benefits of AIT for my son, and thank Eve for the providing a services that has improved the quality of my son's life."


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