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Yahoo AIT Support Group
This is a group created for families and/or clients of Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT). One must be a parent or a client currently having or having already received Berard (AIT) by a certified Berard AIT practitioner worldwide. This group is to be used as a sounding board for clients and families, discussing their trials, frustrations, tribulations, excitement, milestones and progress during and post Auditory Integration Training.

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Books & Literature
This section is a synopsis and summary of recommended books, articles, and literature available for purchase at various locations. These readings will help you to understand, and assist you with the process of AIT and auditory processing disorders.

IDEA Training
Success Stories: Comments from clients who have either directly participated in auditory integration training (AIT), or whose children have received AIT can provide insights about the results. This information helps others who are interested in AIT to understand more about it and what changes might be produced.

Berard Auditory Integration Training
This will help you to distinguish between true Berard AIT and Berard practitioners by teaching you some very key features and important questions that are followed by Berard Practitioners. Here you will learn what questions to ask practitioners and how to locate a Berard AIT Practitioner.

The Earducator
The EARDUCATOR™ is an audio signal modulating device for processing music from selected compact disks (played on a standard CD player) to headphones, in application of Auditory Integration Training (AIT) according to the method developed over many years by Dr. Guy Bérard in France

Dr. Guy Berard
The founder and creator shares his experiences: For many years, parents and auditory integration training (AIT) practitioners have urged me to have my own website where I can share my experiences and thoughts with people throughout the world. Well, here it is. I have asked some of my AIT friends to help me upload some of my writings (past and present) onto this website.

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